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Tara from Me and the Mexican

Awesome Throwback Thursday post! Thanks for participating Nancy.

Sounds like you have great memories of the shows and role models of the past. I Loooooooved Charlie's Angels also and have memories of watching that show at my grandparent's house. I also loved watching "Lavern and Shirley." My fav was definitely Lavern!! I also liked "Blair" in the show "The Facts of Life."

Thanks for participating and linking up! I really enjoyed your post. =)


I'm not at all surprised that we both liked Emma Peel! I agree that she's responsible for shaping my belief that a woman could be beautiful, sexy, sweet, well-manned, but a bad-ass without compromising any of her qualities. Sadly, the Tara King character -- who should have been stronger -- was far weaker, a back-peddle in the dawn of feminism.


Thanks Tara and thanks for the inspiration of Throwback Thursdays. Its a fun idea.

Gina - it does not surprise me at all to know that you like Emma Peel also. She was so awesome and you are so right about the Tara King character she was much weaker.


I remember when Star Trek: Next Generation came out, Whoopi Goldberg said that she was thrilled to have a part in it because when she was growing up, Nichelle Nichols was the only black woman on tv. She might have said the only black woman with brains or who wasn't playing an inferior, but I don't want to put words in her mouth and that was 20 years ago so I can't remember exactly what she said. However, the comment certainly stuck with me. Times were different then, but imagine if George Takei was not only one of the few Asians in decent, regular roles on tv, but had also been able to come out and serve as an inspiration to young gay people?

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