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I can totally relate to numbers 8 and 9. I always wanted a Big Wheel, but never told my parents of my longing, so I never got one.

kathy k.

I absolutely loved HRPufNStuff (and the others) and yes, on the Disney - I remember that mostly because it would be starting just as my mum was herding us out the door to church... :)


I adored Colorforms, too!


HR Puffinstuff was one of my favorites. And Colorforms - they were the best. I could play with them for hours.


Oh, my god! How could I have forgotten Colorforms!!!! (And H.R. Puff-n-Stuff, for that matter. . .) Great list; lots of memories. (I was just old enough for Joni Mitchell's version of Big Yellow Taxi. . . and too old for a Big Wheel. . . )


I watched H R Pufnstuf and The Bugaloos too. And The Banana Splits. Also The WW of Disney. Every Sunday!! I miss the little triangle windows and we always called the things you pushed down to lock the car doors 'plonkers' and indicators were 'blinker'. My friend's family called them 'wic wacs' which always made me laugh!!


Thanks for reminding me of a few things there!!! Sorry for your frustrating internet problems...hopefully over!


Of course I loved the Sid and Marty Krofft shows. The Bugaloos and H. R. Puffinstuff being my favorites. I was actually called Witchy-Poo by a friend I worked with for years. Don't quite know how I allowed that to happen lol. I also loved colorforms. I always remember my first set, it was Planet of the Apes and I played with it for hours!

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