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Our cable company had us upgrade our modem (we own it) and we kept dropping connection until we called them and they sent a guy to climb the pole in front of our house. There were some wet wires that didn't like the upgrade. All has been fine, and fast, since.

I have found the whole King Richard III under the parking lot amazing. There he was all this time. "The Goodbye Girl"! That is a blast from the past:) I loved that movie back when it first came out.


Bah humbug, when you have ISP and internet/blog problems it is just so annoying. I hope they sort it out quickly. Isn't it exciting they found Richard III. I believe he has had aspersions cast upon him as the winners write the history. I am planning to read Barbara Willard's books again about the Plantagenets and Tudors. I love that series. Oh, we have BlackAdder on the appleTV now, I plan to watch it again too.

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