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Hyacinth Bucket (it's pronounced "Boo-kay")...What a cramp in the *ss, but so funny. The only other thing I've seen Patricia Routledge in is the "Hetty Wainthrop" series that airs on PBS. Weird to see her in a serious role.


Yes, The Bucket residence, lady of the house speaking, and room for a pony!!! We have ongoing repeats of The Brady Bunch and I always notice how all Carol does is embroider and drink coffee and maybe assist Alice a bit. I am sure my mum did more work with just two children.


Oh my gosh! I LOVE the Dowager Countess! I never even thought to include her.


havent seen many of those. only one made my list. i thought about catelyn stark but i couldnt add her ecause i absolutely hate the way she treats Jon. had fun reading your list though :)


Wonderful list! So many TV Moms to choose from. . . (I almost included Alice on my list!)


Love Morticia Addams!

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