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Tara Castillo

YAY!!!! Congrats on going public with you plan! I wrote a post last week about my plan. (you know we're serious if we go public....hahaa) I'm trying to lose weight via eating healthier and excercise. I absolutely hate excercising, but I feel sooooo much better when I do. Wish we lived closer, I sure could use some motivation. Luckily we can motivate via our blogs and FB. You can do it! I'm on week 4 now and it's becoming a habit. I never ever thought I'd enjoy excercising.... the benefits are worth it and I actually look forward to it. Can you tell me what a plank challenge is?

Tara Castillo

ooops, i meant a "plank a day"


I'm back on the plank a day thing but its even more sporadic than usual. I'm not giving up though. I hit the gym twice last week and I ordered a FitBit flex band so I can keep track of everything I'm doing. Maybe positive feedback will help.

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