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You have less fear than you think you do. Look at what you have been through. I remember thinking I needed to stay in a bad marriage because I was afraid of how splitting up would affect the kids, how it would negatively impact so many things. And what I learned is that, bad things happen, and they can be even worse than you imagined - there is a moment when you think this is all my worst fears coming true all at once - and then one day you realize you've turned the corner and faced those fears and you're still here. There's not too much left out there for you to fear.


I think that's very true. I came through this and in the end my kids are ok and my relationship with my ex is pretty much what I wanted it to be (in the sense of maintaining friendship and as you once put it "being partners in the business of parenting"). I landed on my feet so maybe that's why I am feeling pretty fearless at the moment. Best ride that momentum I think, lol.


Fantastic to knit more! The Bronx Group on Ravelry misses you. Would you like another moderator?

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