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I'm still working my way through Monuments Men and enjoying it. I'd love pictures also. The idea of a photo companion is brilliant! I've jumped ahead a bit with Dark Places. I'm trying the ebook borrowing from the library and that one became available. I have to finish it in 7 days since I let it sit for 7.

It's funny that you mention that with Winter's Tale. I remember trying to read it over 20 years ago and it was the first chapter I couldn't get through. I was hoping time would help with that but now I'm concerned it won't be any better this time around.


Oh and I won't join you on Grapes of Wrath. Steinbeck and I are not friends.


Ugh....Winters Tale. I never got past the first chapter. If a book is just a little boring, I usually push past it to see if it gets better. In fact, that's the only book I can think of that I quit reading so fast. I am confused how such a lame book is being made into a movie...

I loved Grapes of Wrath. It thought it was so interesting. And now, I think I'll add Monument's Men to the list.


Just finishe Labor Day which was ok. It wasn't one of those books that I couldn't put down because I had to finish it. The characters were likable though despite all their issues. Finished Vampire Academy too. Entertaining tween book that gives a different spin on the vampire story. Winter's Tale. ugh. I stopped reading it after I retread the first chapter twice. I'm still waiting for Monumenrs Men from the library. Maybe I'll read Grapes of Wrath while waiiting.


Oh dear, the American film industry has a bit of a history of changing history: U-571. Still, if you think of it as purely fiction is is reasonably OK. There were a lot of talking points for your family in the film. It is great to know general knowledge is no9t dead. The Winter's Tale does not recommend itself to me at all. You are doing a great job with your book reading!!!

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