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Labor Day was filmed in my town, in the home of a family we know, so I feel as though I have to see it.

I have lined up a Philip Seymour Hoffman film festival for myself. I would just watch his films all day, except that NONE of them are suitable for viewing while the children are around and ... snow day.

kathy k

If you don't mind sending (and receiving) a letter from a complete stranger, let me know - I'm trying to do the letter a day thing also (I did it last year as well) - it's fun!



I meant to do this post as well but Tuesday got away from me :/
Loving Monuments Men as we discussed. I can't wait to see the film. I was also disappointed in Labor Day, although a friend said the film was fantastic. I am a Kate Winslet fan but I don't always like her choice in film roles so I'm on the fence about seeing it.
The youngest is eating me out of house and home. At 12 he is my height 5'7", and growing constantly. I had to replace the clothes I bought him in September for school because he's outgrown all his pants by nearly 2 inches!

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