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Oh, your poor pup! I'm so glad he's better! I feel your pain as I had a dog that needed unexpected neck surgery the week between Christmas and New Year's. Let's just say that it was the equivalent cost of a large flat screen TV... :-)


Oh no, vets are so expensive, but then they do work with a patient that can't talk or tell what is wrong. They are pretty fantastic. I think every dog has their nose out of joint when a new one arrives, but this takes the cake. His ear looks like it is healing very well. After an operation at our vet, all follow up treatment is free, so we are lucky. It is a good thing you were already going on holiday!!


Poor Pepsi. I'm glad he's doing better. Vet bills are the worst but what can you do. Sorry about the laptop. It's been quite an expensive month for you :/

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