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Ugh, this is hard! Okay, let me give it a shot:

1. family photos. At the very least, I'd pull portraits off the wall.

2. my jewelry box that has my grandmother's Mother pendant and my aunt's engagement and wedding ring set.

3. my Nook

4. my phone

5. my laptop (more family photos)

6. My signed Red Sonjas from Gail Simone/Amanda Conner and Howard Chaykin

7. my knitting bag. The BGF isn't going down in flames!

8. the little hats my boys came home from the hospital wearing (they're all on Mike's dresser)

9. a handful of my signed books, plus my recently re-acquired copy of Pyewacket.

10. a change of underwear, because I'm psychotic like that.

Jo Ann

Oooh, good question. I swear that I mentally prepare for this on a regular basis.

1. My stuffed panda, Stewart. I've had Stewie for almost 30 years.
2. My work purse. It usually has all of the important stuff in it. Worst case scenario, I'd have to grab the work purse and one casual purse on the weekend, both hanging on the same knob.
3. My important papers are still in the same ziploc and place since Sandy...
4. If I'm grabbing the important papers, the one tupperware box I have of momentos is right there... That has my the hat my mother crocheted me among other things like my cat's ashes.
5. My mother's peacoat. It is bespoke and in excellent condition.
6. (A few of these were multiple items... am I done yet?)
7. Can I say something for the BF? If he wasn't home, I'd grab the portrait of his younger son, now deceased.
8. The only gadget I would look for would be my first gen Note, because it was a gift. The phone, the tablet, the PS - all replaceable.
9. If I still had time, about a dozen of my journals are on my bookshelf, all together. I'd grab them if I could.
10. Now if I still had time... I keep the momentos for the BF and I in shoeboxes, one for each year so far. I'd try and grab them.

But I agree, if the pets and people are safe, everything else is just "stuff", even the precious reminders of my mother. (Who of course, is the one who constantly berated me for "dwelling" in the first place!)


I was surprised as I "walked through" my rooms in my head... how much stuff I wouldn't give a second thought about leaving behind!

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