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Warm donuts with lots of knitting and some good books sounds like a week I would enjoy. I wanted to race out and get Roz Chast's book after I heard her interviewed on NPR, but then had second thoughts. It's difficult enough dealing with aging parents every day, but I wasn't sure I wanted to read about it also. Your review makes me think I really should take a look at it; thank you!


What a nice vacation week. Those donuts sound delicious. You have reminded me that I too have to update my Rav page. It is sorely needing some love.


My husband just brought that book home from the library; I'd noticed the cover but didn't have time to investigate. Now I know! Thanks. ;) Sounds like a great book.

Also sounds like a really great week!!


My MiL is in declining health, so my partner and I read Roz Chast's book last year and found it so, so sadly relevant. I'm sorry you recognized so much of your own family in it, but it does help you laugh through the tears, right?

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