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Sounds like quite a delightful weekend. I had an epic whoopie pie, too.


A busy weekend, but it sounds like one full of fun and good things. Based on my 22 & 24-year-old boys, your 11-year-old is full of regular (and delightfully funny!) boy nonsense. Beware - it may continue for many years!

kathy b

Roger Ebert died last year. His film : LIFE ITSELF is amazing.
Fun to read your events of the long weekend!


I wanted to go to Mass Sheep and Wool as well but there just wasn't enough time over the weekend. Hopefully next year!


One day in the car with my husband my then 6 year old son announced - during the erectile disfunction commercial - Yeah Mom changes the channel on that one too. ;-) And True Detective...OMG. We just finished it last week. So. Good. Enjoy!

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