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I can certainly sympathize with any procrastination on this exhaustive list! I'm already tired of 90 degrees and humidity, so can you please get your son some swim gear so we can return to temperate spring weather? :-}
If you live near a Salvation Army, they welcome book donations and our local hospital will also take some for their book cart.


I have lots of books too! Why is it so hard to let go of books. I know that I will never read them again. I will check back and see what ideas you get. I am visiting from Carol's Ten on Tuesday


You put a lot of pressure on yourself as that's quite a list. Tackle one thing and give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it!


Yeah - I have thought the same thing when buying concert tix for my daughter. I waited too long and we ended up sitting wayyyyy up high! 11 is a tough age to keep them active during the summer. Getting too old for general camp but certainly not old enough to leave at home for long periods of time.

kathy b

I have to agree with you on the volunteer sign up! Why work with someone difficult if you are volunteering?

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