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Library, baths, and Klondikes! Sounds like the perfect time to me!

Great list!


Libraries are some of my favorite things, especially a really good one with really good staff. I hope that your foot heals quickly and that hours and stress begin to abate. Headspace and relaxing baths!


Yay for libraries! And Klondike Bars - the Neapolitan are my favorite. I will check out Headspace. I've been using Calm for meditating and find that it truly is helping me manage my stress levels.


I love my local library, too, my knitting group meets there, as well as my book group.

And Moxie is an acquired taste--I haven't had it in ages.


Mmmm, Klondike Bars!! ;)

26 years ago, my sister gave birth to a little boy -- their second child and my parents' first grandson -- whom they named Daniel. Daniel was born with Down syndrome. Upon learning of Daniel's birth, my dad's response was, "He got that from your mom's side!" Um... okay...

We (my sibs) have had to develope a sense of humor about our genes, as aside from Down syndrome "on my mother's side" (a cousin, I believe) (and epilepsy, too) (which is serious, and I am not joking about any of it but...), Mom's side does seem rife with cancer (my grandmother, my uncle, two cousins, my sister, my mom all deceased; an aunt under treatment for many years)... is that gonna get us or the heart disease and Alzheimer's (both grandparents, an uncle and, yes, my dad) that seems prevalent on his side?? Jesus, help us!!

I'm sorry that your talk about this was so serious... because, lord, it's a fucking crap shoot. I hope you roll 7s and 11s, woman! xo


Glad you are healing and a bath is such a nice relaxing time. I have never heard of those mats, for a moment I thought it was icing flowers!! So glad you have such great canine nurses. I love The Library and we have access to all the Libraries in the state, even schools and the gaol!!! Hope your work situation eases up and you keep feeling better

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