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Jamie Fraser...very interesting. :-) And I considered Tony too! And take it easy there, no additional injuries needed!


What a great list!! The Sherlocks Holmes! Steve Austin!! Jamie Fraser! Idris. All perfect.

Hope your foot heals quickly.


Idris, oh yes. Tony Soprano, for sure. Great list and you gave me some food for thought. Here's to good nursing "support" and I hope your foot and your emotional state heal very quickly!


I'll fight you for Jamie Fraser! Sorry about your foot. I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

Kat Christensen

Jamie Fraser - excellent choice, and bonus points for the kilt!

And Luther... oh yes!

Feel better soon! Looks like your companions are showing you exactly how it is done!


Where's Angus MacGyver?? He could use your air cast and a tea bag to get you out of most fixes!! Sorry to hear of your accident and I do think the two things are Very Connected. I have a sore knee too, but it is cartilage and just needs exercises and it hurts like the blazes, so you must be much worse off. Oh, the disburses, I have a nurse lie that too: dogs, apart from Nurse Rachet, know when you are poorly!!

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