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I'm amazed by how many of us on the blog hop are struggling to find our holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing your challenges so candidly. I hope your Christmas turns out better than you anticipate and that your plans for the new year bear fruit. Hugs.

Kat Christensen

I love the quiet Christmas spirit in this post. In spite of challenges at every turn, there is a determination that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and best wishes to you and your family for Christmas!


People may be struggling to find holiday spirit, but it sounds like you indeed have spirit (holiday or not). Having lost your son and being non-mobile on the couch would present many people with challenges they could not overcome, but you've been out to see Christmas lights, suggested Chinese food, and made what sounds like incredible mac & cheese. These things take spirit, as does changing to make things better, looking forward, and looking for the positive even when it's difficult to find.


Thanks for the Mac and Cheese recipe. Sounds like a perfect winter meal, and since we're about to get another foot of snow, I'm making it this weekend.

Thanks, too for the chore/point idea with a GC reward. I've tried to assign a room to each that rotates every week. It only gets done if I remind them 18 times and threaten to take away phones and social lives. Maybe I just need to incentivize.

And, lastly, good luck on your holiday cheer. Maybe as it gets closer, that will change. But, if it doesn't, maybe you're exactly where you need to be after a truly terrible year. Changing a few traditions for this year will probably make it easier to handle. Forced frivolity would be worse.


I think Chinese for Christmas is a fine idea and it's one we did for years after my brother died. It just helped to do something completely different, you know? I feel like the election left me so despondent that I've actually over compensated with extra holiday joy and spirit, just because it's so so needed this year.

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