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Kat Christensen

I am one of the generation of large pieces of furniture that were televisions and stereo's! My kids think the photos are hilarious! I love the tiara and 1960 banner! And, I love the memories you shared! The Greatest Generation is a most fitting title for those times!


We had a very similar hifi/stereo in our living room and I have such fond memories of it. My mother was married in a suit on a Thursday afternoon, 1949. AND, I'm going to spend NYE just as you are, relaxing and knitting...(but wearing slippers). *clink*


Personally, I think New Year's Eve at home is the best.

Enjoy yours!


I'll be home as well (slippers) and maybe take a moment to remember that hi-fi in our house too! Love the beach photo!


Home, barefoot and knitting sounds pretty good to me. Thanks for sharing your New Year's Eve memories.

Lydia S

Sounds like a lovely evening, and if our NYE [ in Georgia] is as warm as our Christmas Eve I will be barefoot too!


Yes, giant TV and stereogram here too!! We are not New Year's Eve people in my family either. No fireworks or countdowns or anything. A quiet night in for us!! Happy 2017!!!


I've never found NYE to quite live up to its hype. (Maybe because I'm mostly an introvert and would prefer to just hang out at home with family or a few friends -- or just . . . reflect. Quietly.) And, yeah. We had a "stereo" -- a giant piece of furniture that held the record player, speakers, AND a fairly large album collection. (I actually wish I had it now...)

Happy New Year to you. I hope 2017 brings much peace and joy -- and a little adventure, too. XO

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