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This post is full of wisdom and wonderful advice.


Thank you for this honest, powerful, and perceptive post. Your words are going to stick with me -- and inspire me in oh-so-many ways. (And I'd be happy to cheer you on for your shower-progress: yay! Yay! YAY!) XO


I'm not sure I could find reasons to get out of bed after experiencing the year you've had, but I am cheering everything you're doing, from showering to smiling, drinking water, and moving forward.

I also worked for someone that was so relentessly positive that he eventually got fired because he refused to even see the problems he needed to resolve. He used to tell me I was too negative, and I told him I was simply realistic and I thought my positivity was in trying to find solutions. More transcendent and creative power to you!


What a thoughtful post. Times of trials can bring great learning and growth. Sounds like you are moving in that direction.

Kat Christensen

Thank you for sharing such deep emotions and some incredible insights into not getting bogged down. And, yes - I agree completely that writing is a powerful way to dump thoughts, feelings, irritation, anger, and pain. But, your keys to moving beyond writing will stick with me as Kym said. You do inspire me! XO


This is a wonderful post. I went and filled my water right after I read it! Here's to a better 2017 and an easier shower event soon. Congrats for moving along from a negative work situation. I'm sure your quality of life improved volumes after that.


You are wise & wonderful! Thank you for a beautiful & thoughtful post. I hope you hear all of our voices chiming along in your head the next time you shower. ;)


You are a strong woman. Peace and blessings to you and here's to a better year!

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